A 1 psi 1 Summation Theorem for Macdonald Polynomials by Kaneko J. PDF

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On other plains, such as Lunae Planum and Hesperia Planum, flows are rare but wrinkle ridges like those on the lunar maria are common. These are also assumed to be volcanic, although evidence for a volcanic origin is weak. The lowest-lying plains are at high northern latitudes, away from the volcanic centers. They mostly lack obvious volcanic features. Instead they are curiously textured and fractured. Many of their characteristics have been attributed to the action of ground ice, or to their location at the ends of large flood features, where large lakes must have formed and sediments deposited.

Impact velocities at Mars for short-period comets are around 10 km sÀ1. For a summary of comets and their orbits see Boice and Huebner (1999) and Fernandez (1999). Asteroids are rocky objects in orbit around the Sun. Many may be dead comets that no longer display a coma and tail when within 4 AU of the Sun, as active comets normally do. Most meteorites are samples of asteroids, although it has proven difficult to correlate the different types of meteorites with the different spectral types of asteroids.

G. As, Cu, Sb) preferentially partition into the sulfide melts. Thus formation of the Earth’s core preferentially scavenged siderophile elements from the mantle to leave it depleted in siderophiles with respect to C1 carbonaceous chondrites. Analyses of martian meteorites indicates that the martian mantle is more depleted in chalcophile elements than is the Earth’s, probably because of incorporation of more sulfur into the core (Wa¨nke, 1981). Compatibility is another property that affects composition.

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A 1 psi 1 Summation Theorem for Macdonald Polynomials by Kaneko J.

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