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By Sherman Hollar

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Uncommon via their hugely built psychological colleges and their skill for cause, people are frequently stated to reign sovereign within the animal state. With their advanced interactions, complicated social constructions, and wide diversity of displayed feelings, even if, all creatures might be stated to give a contribution uniquely to the planet and to the subsistence of all different beings. This colourful quantity surveys some of the individuals of the animal nation and the conduct, behaviors, and actual features that unite and distinguish all animals.

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Mollusks have soft, fleshy bodies not divided into segments. The main part of the body is enclosed in a fold of tissue called the mantle. They have bilateral symmetry. Many kinds of mollusks are covered by a shell. Arthropods: The Largest Group of Animals The phylum Arthropoda (“jointed foot”) has the largest number of species. In fact, about 85 percent of known species are arthropods, 54 AnImAls wIthout BAckBones and insects alone make up about 75 percent of known species. Other arthropods include the centipedes and millipedes; the arachnids (spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites); and the crustaceans (barnacles, crabs, crayfish, lobsters, shrimp, water fleas).

Fill the assembled farm twothirds full with soil found near an anthill. A colony must contain a queen and should also have eggs, larvae, pupae, and parasites, along with the other ants. Ants should be fed bits of ground beef, dead insects, bread crumbs, and watered honey. The cork or sponge stoppers should be kept moist; ants must have moisture. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. 59 A closer look At the AnImAl kIngdom A sea cucumber scavenges for food along a rock in the Mediterranean Sea, near Kas, Turkey.

The eyes of cats and some nocturnal animals have pupils that can 40 clAssIfIcAtIon And BehAVIor open wide in the dark and narrow down to slits in the sunlight. Insects have compound eyes, made up of tiny units that break up the image into many small images. They also have two or three simple eyes that probably detect motion. The eyesight of some fish is especially keen. Ears are perhaps as important as eyes to some species. The fennec is a foxlike animal that lives in the Sahara and hunts by night.

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