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Note that /t:/ and /dt/ are not represented as f t:] and f at1 *s ls stated above slnce they shown abovet €,g. are preeedeci. by a vowel, -33- t r A Course ln Spoken Tamazlght 4. Stress ls a non-contrastlve feature. e. /v/ or [ " ] ). Word stress in Tamazight Examples: a- to askt t to helpr / saL/ t /+ I 6wn tw- I / a / to doubtt t to rinset t / sJ< za/ /s:-i:_/ t /edn/ / to swimt /aatt/ to taket t to findr t to returnt tto beginf a I / -. r /ffatAd/ /tsLt/ tyou (s) woke upt tho askedt /e*4 t /ef / /rdr t- / -, / daYL zrladaT / I f he is presentt to words that phonemically do not contain a voweL /Y/.

To the above ) 1ala1 No. No. uhu No. rr. LLt l,r res. - 50- Unlt I Yes, ln response t'o someone caIlI-ng your name. rFam TF nEae tE IT If 1:ah t6 lt God wlIls. lF All rlght. wax:a t+ t+ tt b+rak:a Enough. e all rlght. 2. tF Dri 11s, Addltlonal Phrases and Expresslons. What 1s my name? mism inw Grammar, A. *. t. ) mlsm nE n:m ns What mism mlsm N:T n;ulL What are our names? p. p. ) What are thelr (m. names ? What are nsnt mism their (f. names ? -i nbarB -61- ) ? What are nsn narne? is his,/her name?

Husa- mufa- ma3 1ga thal ? husa- mufa- manl lwadun id: labas husa- 1:ayhn:ik: rnufa- 1wa . husa- B. fadma- sbahlxlr ciEafadma- mam iga thal ? s15a- fadma- tanbarEt: daer:im e C. r ita- cli- may tenid dubrid stranger- c11- mazy tgid ? stranger- e1i- is yurE Ea l:waEun ? stranger e 11- -sfrat stranger -shal e li- ? y1e mrns ? strangerc Ii- mlsmn-s ? strangerli- lwa mrhba stranger- mrhba stranger- 1r* 1 lbarak:a c y2e " 11- stranger- iwa 1:a ynh:ik: . f 11- -5',)- ? A Ccurse in cli- D. 1:ahi ken Tamazlght eawn mimuna- c1i- labas ?

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