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A guige to the early christian and byzantine antiquities (Путеводитель по ранним христианским и византийским древностям)

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A Byzantine governor lived on the Palatine eastern monasteries were established, and even Gregory the Great, a Roman born, entrusted his own monastery on the Caelian to Greek monks. From the latter part of the sixth century began an orientalizing period in Rome, lasting for about two hundred years. It was precisely the time when the city, raised by the Popes to the position of a great spiritual capital, drew to itself more and more the homage of the western world. This was a coincidence not without its effect upon the development of European mediaeval ; art (p.

From the end of the second to the end of the third century there was in ; this part of the world, especially in its eastern half (Numidia and the Proconsular Province, corresponding to the modern Tunisia), an expansion of Christianity comparable to that witnessed in Asia Minor. The writings of Tei tullian (fl. c. D. 190214) allow us to assume a large community at Carthage. In its earliest years the African Church seems to have been Greek, but there were soon many Punic converts; the in- GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION 13 digenous Berber element seems to have been hardly touched.

Tical philosophic soldiers in the Roman army. Although, by its ultimate association with emperor-worship, it obtained a head-quarters at Rome, it was for the most part confined to the stations in the provinces and along the frontiers occupied by the Roman It has been described as chiefly a religion of the garrisons. circumference, rather than of the centre, and \vas therefore inevitably defeated by one which controlled the great seats Both Neo-Platonism arid Manichaeanism of intellectual life. rivals.

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