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By Ludo Rocher; Jan Gonda (Editor)

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14 WILSON 1840 = 1961: xxiv: sdram dkrsya sarvatah. 15 caturtham vdyund proktam vdyaviyam iti smrtam I sivabhaktisamdyogdc chaivam tac cdpardkhyayd. Cf. the same verse in the Revamahatmya, claiming to belong to the Vayu° (AUFRECHT 1864: 65). 16 BI work 162, 1904-07, pp. 12-13. "). D. s. 2, 1941, 148-155, and PUSALKER 1955: 31-41, 21963: 68-77; KANE 1962: 830; etc. 43 sqq. " Notice that the Siva° was the very first purana selected for translation in Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology. 20 PARGITER 1919: 448, adding: "Altogether, then, there are really nineteen"; also PARGITER 1922: 23, 77.

1 HAZRA 1940: 134-135. 38 L. " This comparison "shows that the present Agni-p. is not a new work from beginning to end but has retained fragments of chapters and isolated verses from the earlier Purana. "2 On the other hand, most of the quotations from the Agni° in Govindananda's Danakriyakaumudi are found in the extant Agni°. The verses on gudadhenuddna in this nibandha, which are different from those in the Danasagara, agree remarkably with our present Agni° text. "3 One interesting aspect of the quotation-argument is that it also has to take into account losses in the extant puranas.

Harihara Sastri, Madras: Kuppuswami Sastri Res. , 1958, p. 2 Puranam Pancalaksanam 27 A different picture emerges from the Bhagavata0. This text exhibits two lists enumerating not five but ten characteristics of puranas. 1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 10 adds that "some" (kecit) recognize only five characteristics of puranas, according to the distinction between "major" (mahat) and "minor" (alpa) ones. 6—9) makes a similar distinction. It quotes the traditional pancalaksana stanza, and explicitly assigns it to the upapuranas; the mahapuranas have different characteristics, which it then enumerates: srstis capi visrstis ca sthitis tesam ca palanam / karmanam vasana varta manunam cakramena ca / varnanam pralayanam ca moksasya ca nirupanam / utkirtanam harer eva vedanam ca prthak prthak / dasadhikam laksanam ca mahatam parikirtitam // Nothing was more natural for scholars than trying to find a historical explanation for the appearance of the longer lists.

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