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By Lieshout M. N.

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These attenuators shall remain in the signal path for both VDirect and VSite measurements. Attenuator values of 6 dB are often adequate, and values as low as 3 dB can sometimes be used. 2—For vertically polarized antennas, it is especially important to keep the cables, leaving the antennas in the same horizontal plane as the center of the antenna, directly behind the antenna for a minimum distance of 1 m. Use of ferrite beads on both the transmit and receive antenna cables close to the antennas can help to eliminate common-mode signals that cause measurement errors.

Generally, the system that is tested shall be based on that typically marketed to the end user. If the marketing information is not available or it is not practical to assemble extraordinary amounts of equipment to replicate a complete marketed product installation, the test shall be performed using the best judgment of the test engineer in consultation with the design engineering staff. The results of any such discussion and decision process shall be reported in the test report. A photograph or detailed drawing shall be used to document the equipment arrangement and shall be part of the test report.

If the EUT is operated only from internal or dedicated batteries, with no provisions for connection to the public utility ac powerlines (600 VAC or less) to operate the EUT (such as an adapter), ac powerline conducted measurements are not required. 1 Measurement requirements Measured levels of ac powerline conducted emission shall be the radio-noise voltage from the line probe or across the 50 Ω LISN port (to which the EUT is connected), where permitted, terminated into a 50 Ω noise meter, or where permitted or required, the radio-noise current on the powerline sensed by a current probe.

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