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Inspirational tales and affirmations exhibit the sacred legislation that offer religious enlightenment. those 36 fantastically provided and inspiring legislation provide readers from all walks of existence a direction in the direction of happiness. Uplifting and obtainable, the real tales provided expand an figuring out of those religious legislation, which govern all lifestyles. Vividly illustrated bills and metaphors convey how prosperity, luck, and healthiness might be achieved.

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When there is a natural in- and out-flow of caring and nurturing in our lives, we feel balanced and abundant in love. As above so below. Wise Earthly parents will give you what you want when they think you are ready for it. No wise parent gives a beautiful and delicate china doll to a toddler because the child is quite likely to smash it or pull out its hair. This will not be malicious but simply because the child is not mature enough to care for such a gift. However much the toddler clamors for a china doll like her sister’s, the parents will wait until they judge her to be ready to care for the doll appropriately.

You will attract situations and people that keep you in bondage. If, on the other hand, you are sending out positive energy, you will attract help when you need it. A friend told me how she was completely lost in the country. She saw an animal in the field in front of her and wasn’t sure whether it was a bull or a cow. As she looked doubtfully at it, a woman appeared from nowhere and without preamble said, ‘It’s OK, that’s a cow. You are lost. ’ She led her past the animal onto the correct path.

Then the direction becomes very clear to you. If, on the other hand you are in a basin where there is permanent fog, with the result that you have been walking around and around in circles for a long time, make a decision to move in any direction. 2007 14:58 Uhr Page 53 THE LAW OF CLARITY It is imperative that you make a decision, however fearful or difficult, but feel your way carefully until you are in the clear. The word ‘decision’ comes from the Latin decedere, meaning to cut off. A decision cuts you off from other possibilities.

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