New PDF release: Algebraic Aspects of the Advanced Encryption Standard

By Carlos Cid

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The Belgian block cipher Rijndael used to be selected in 2000 by way of the U.S. governments nationwide Institute of criteria and know-how (NIST) to be the successor to the information Encryption ordinary. Rijndael used to be for this reason standardized because the complicated Encryption common (AES), that's very likely the worlds most vital block cipher. In 2002, a few new analytical ideas have been instructed which can have a dramatic influence at the defense of the AES. current analytical recommendations for block ciphers count seriously on a statistical strategy, while those new options are algebraic in nature.

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L x^ + l x^ + l 4 32 64 128 128 4 64 96 128 128 a;'* + l 8 16 32 64 128 Diffusion M {x+ir 4 48 96 128 128 (x + l)'" 16 16 30 58 96 Figure 4-1- Some properties of matrices used in the augmented diffusion of the AES. The order i subspace for the matrix T is {vjT'v = v}. Thus, while a design criterion for the S-box is that there be no "fixed points" [37], the equivalent S-box in the algebraically simpler description of the AES has two fixed points (00 and 01). The diffusion in the AES round is now given by the augmented linear diffusion, and a round of the AES consists solely of the following two simple algebraic operations.

Can For are the T h e A E S e m b e d d i n g in t h e B E S T h e effect of the embedding mapping 0 ; A —^ B on the AES encryption function is to induce an embedded encryption function / ^ : B ^ -^ B ^ . This function can be naturally extended to a function / ^ : B ~> B and so the BES can be naturally considered as the closure of the vector conjugate embedding of the AES [21]. Since the BES can be expressed using simple algebraic operations over a single field F , this yields one particularly useful insight into the cipher.

The affine variety V{f,g) = {(1,0)} g K^ is the set of solutions to f{x,y) = g{x,y) = 0. 74 Let PG(n, F) denote the projective space of dimension n. Suppose that / i , . . , Xn]- The projective variety defined by the polynomials / i , . . , / „ is the subset of P G ( n , F ) given by { ( a o , a i , . . , a „ ) € P G ( n , F ) ] /i(ao, a i , . . , a„) = 0 for i = 1 , . . , m }. The projective space P G ( n , F ) can be partitioned into two subsets U and H, where U = { ( a o , a i , . . , a „ ) G P G ( n , F ) I a o / O }, and H = { ( 0 , a i , .

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