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After publishing an creation to the Navier–Stokes equation and oceanography (Vol. 1 of this series), Luc Tartar follows with one other set of lecture notes according to a graduate direction in components, as indicated by way of the name. A draft has been on hand on the net for many years. the writer has now revised and polished it right into a textual content obtainable to a bigger audience.

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If T ∈ D (Ω) satisfies ∂T ∂xj = 0 for j = 1, . . , there exists C such that T, ϕ = C Ω ϕ(x) dx for all ϕ ∈ Cc∞ (Ω). Proof : By a connectedness argument it is enough to show the result with Ω replaced by any open cube Ω0 ⊂ Ω. One uses an induction on the dimension N , and one starts with the case N = 1, Ω0 being an interval (a, b). One b notices that if ϕ ∈ Cc∞ (a, b) satisfies a ϕ(x) dx = 0, then ϕ = dψ dx for a x ∞ function ψ ∈ Cc (a, b), and ψ is given explicitly by ψ(x) = a ϕ(t) dt. 7) with C = T, η , and that means T = C.

EN is the canonical basis of RN , then a function h has a partial ∂h at x if and only if 1ε (h − τε ej h) has a limit at x when ε tends derivative ∂x j to 0 (with ε = 0, of course). If f ∈ Cc1 (RN ), then 1ε (f − τε ej f ) converges ∂f so that if one takes the convolution product with a function uniformly to ∂x j g ∈ L1loc (RN ), one finds that 1ε (f − τε ej f ) g converges uniformly on compact ∂f g; if one defines h = f g, one has 1ε (f − τε ej f ) g = 1ε (h − τε ej h) sets to ∂x j ∂f ∂h and it is equal to ∂x g.

3) has only shown that it is sequentially continuous. , ϕn converges to ϕ∞ in Cc∞ (Ω) if and only if there exists a compact K ⊂ Ω such that support(ϕn ) ⊂ K for all n and for all multi-indices α one has ||Dα ϕn − Dα ϕ∞ ||∞ → 0. 5) The next step is to define multiplication of distributions by smooth functions. 6) Ernst Sigismund FISCHER, Austrian-born mathematician, 1875–1954. He worked in Br¨ unn (then in Austria-Hungary, now Brno, Czech Republic), in Erlangen, and in K¨ oln (Cologne), Germany. 5 Sobolev Spaces; Multiplication by Smooth Functions where the principal value of 1 pv , ϕ x 1 x is the distribution denoted by pv x1 , defined by = lim n→∞ 23 n |x|>1 ϕ(x) dx for all ϕ ∈ Cc∞ (R).

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