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Lex I. Corpus omne perseverare in statu suo quiscendi vel movendi uniformiter in directum, nisi quantenus illud a viribus impressis cogitur statum suum mutare (Any body preserves its state of rest or of uniform rectilinear motion if it is not constrained by induced forces to change its state) (after the last enunciation of Newton, in the third edition (1726) of his treatise). Lex II. Mutationem motus proportionalem esse vi motrici impresse et fieri secundum lineam rectam, qua vis illa imprimitur (The variation of motion (of the quantity of motion) is proportional to the induced moving force and is directed along the straight line, which is the support of this induced force).

Thus, we may say that the Dirac distribution δ(x ) is concentrated at a point (the origin). Analogously, one can define distributions concentrated on curves or surfaces, in general distributions concentrated on a manifold of a space Rn . 13. A δ representative sequence. , 0 ) . 44') From the very beginning, we mention that the distributions admit derivatives of any order, which is a great advantage with respect to usual functions. Let f (x ) be a function of class C 1 and ϕ(x ) a fundamental function belonging to the fundamental space K ; considering the corresponding distribution of function type, we obtain the rule of differentiation in the form ( f ′, ϕ ) = − ( f , ϕ ′ ) .

Field. Classification and representation of forces. Internal forces Another element appearing in the mathematical modelling of a mechanical phenomenon is the cause which yields the mechanical motion, being mentioned in previous subsections. From a mechanical point of view, bodies are acting one on the other and often it is difficult to put in evidence the physical nature of such an action; in general, it received the name of force. This denomination, resulting from the action of the human being on the external world, gets a special meaning in mechanics; it is a measure for the transmission of motion.

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