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An research of the early Přemyslid realm presents a chance for spotting the significance of other elements all for the formation of solid social constructions within the early medieval regnum. The modern narrative emphasizes the significance of violence, the place the Přemyslid princes and their strong retinues imposed princely will on elites and freemen in Bohemia and Moravia. besides the fact that, our realization additionally turns to the complex proof of assumed strong cavalry armies and the significance of verbal exchange among prince, elites and church, a little problematizing the function of violence because the basic device of governance.
Furthermore, an research of “otherness” in Saxon chronicles and a comparability of other traditions of St. Wenceslas and nice Moravia ensure the significance of the “Identitätsbildung”-process and “ideology” as stabilising elements within the new Přemyslid regnum.

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Взгляд американского историка на вооруженные силы Шведского короля Густава Адольфа. Величайшего полководца времен Тридцатилетней войны. Автор, известный историк, рассматривает историю формирования шведской военной силы в неразрывной связи с укладом жизни шведских крестьян. Густав Адольф строил свое полководческое искусство на всестороннем знании военного дела.

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Even if one assumes the existence of such large field armies in the early Middle Ages, this estimated size of Boleslav’s army does not account for the success of his expansion, in other words the establishment of the “realm”. When considering the hypothesis of a large mounted army on the grounds of the given premises, one is confronted with the problem of the extent of the inhabited area in tenth-century Bohemia. 69 The area of Bohemia is equal to 52 000 km2. 70 In the Early Middle Ages, the majority of this surface was covered with forests, while roughly one third was inhabited.

G. Karoli ad Fulradum abbatem epistola, in Capitularia regum Francorum, vol. 1, no. 75, 168: “Quapropter precipimus tibi, ut pleniter cum hominibus tuis bene armatis ac preparatis ad predictum locum venire debeas XV. Kal. Iul. Quod est septem diebus ante missam sancti Iohannis baptiste. Ita vero preparatus cum hominibus tuis ad predictum locum venies, ut inde, in quamcumque partem nostra fuerit iussio, et exercialiter ire possis; id est cum armis atque utensilibus necnon et cetero instrumento bellico, in victualibus et vestimentis.

K roli újezdů při středověkého kolonizaci středních a vyšších poloh na území severozápadních Čech (Most: Ústav archeologické památkové péče severozápadních Čech, 1998). See also Milan Zápotocký, “Slovanské osídlení na Litoměřicku,” PA 56 (1965): 205–385, with maps at 245– 246; Zdeněk Boháč, Dějiny osídlení středního Povltaví v době předhusitské, Prameny a studie k dějinám osídlení 19 (Prague: Ústav vědeckotechnických informací pro zemědělství, 1978); Josef Žemlička, “Osídlení Zbraslavska od 10.

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