Clive L.N. Ruggles's Ancient Astronomy: An Encyclopedia of Cosmologies and Myth PDF

By Clive L.N. Ruggles

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An authoritative creation to the attention-grabbing subject of archaeoastronomy―ancient peoples' knowing and use of the skies.

• Over 2 hundred A–Z entries overlaying large definitions and ideas, case stories from 5 continents, issues and concerns, gadgets within the sky because the concentration of delusion, simple strategies, and influential people

• shiny illustrations together with the stone circles at Avebury, comets, novae, and meteors

• easy, jargon-free causes of easy astronomical concepts

• Over forty photographs together with the Stonehenge Heelstone at sunrise; the Cosmic Axis on the Forbidden urban, Beijing; the Temple of the sunlight at Teotihuacan; Ahu Huri at Urenga, Easter Island; the Aboriginal stone configuration at Lake Bolac, Victoria, Australia; and more

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It may seem surprising to suggest that the lunar calendar did not die out when the civil calendar was introduced. Yet this is precisely what has generally been believed for many years, following the work of the great Egyptian scholar R. A. Parker in the 1940s. According to this view, the purpose of the lunar calendar became the regulation of religious observances. Responsibility for determining the correct month and day within this calendar, and with it the timing of religious festivals, became the responsibility of certain priests.

According to Hoskin, not a single orientation falls outside that part of the horizon on which the sun rises at some date in the year. Many different groups of later prehistoric monuments within western Europe show distinctive orientation signatures, but the implications of this group’s signature seem particularly clear: the antas faced sunrise on some day in the year, perAntas 17 The seven-stone anta at Mellizo, one of a number found near Valencia de Alcántara in Extremadura, western Spain, close to the border with Portugal.

Using This Book The entries in this encyclopedia fall into three categories. First, there are those that elaborate upon some of the key themes and issues relating to ancient astronomy, many of which have been introduced above. They include, for example, LUNAR AND LUNI-SOLAR CALENDARS, PALAEOSCIENCE, and ASTRONOMICAL DATING. Other entries in this category relate to particular objects or phenomena in the sky and their cultural significance (for example, ORION and LUNAR ECLIPSES). Also included are broad definitions and explanations of key concepts (such as ARCHAEOASTRONOMY, COSMOLOGY, and ALIGNMENT STUDIES), brief descriptions of procedures and techniques (for example, FIELD SURVEY and STATISTICAL ANALYSIS), and a few people who have been important in the overall development of the subject, such as SIR NORMAN LOCKYER and ALEXANDER THOM.

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